Summa Factoring is a non-bank financial company specialized in financing working capital of companies

WHO WE ARESumma Factoring

It started its activities in Uruguay in 2000 after the Securitization and Factoring Law No. 17,202, dated 09/24/99, was enacted.

It is leader in its segment and a pioneer in Uruguay, both at the level of domestic factoring and international factoring. It has been recognized in the market for the sustained growth of its portfolio, for its good credit rating and for the minimum percentage of bad debts.

Since 2013 Summa has been a member of Factors Chain International (FCI), the global network of factoring companies, with 400 members in more than 90 countries. Through FCI, Summa carries out international factoring, which facilitates the financing of working capital for exports and imports of Uruguayan companies.

Our mission

Through innovative financial products we provide our clients with superior value in complementing their financing sources.

We provide them with a package of services that allow them to minimize their operating costs and maximize their dedication to their own business. We always keep the customer’s interest first in mind.

Our vision

We want to be the provider of innovative financial services preferred by efficient, serious and reliable companies, both Uruguayan and foreign.

And we want to be chosen because our clients know that operating with us will help them grow steadily and with minimal risks.

Our values

  • Ethical values
  • Good business practices
  • Transparency

Summa has ethical standards observed by all its managers and collaborators. Summa places its clients at the center of its activity in order to forge lasting relationships based on the mutual contribution of value and trust. It adds value through its professional advice and the efficient provision of its products and services adapted to customer expectations.

Summa acts with the highest degree of integrity, applying a sense of justice and clarity in all operations, being transparency, diligence and truthfulness the principles that govern relationships with its clients. It works to improve the quality of the service, giving its best, planning and supervising its professional activity responsibly. It provides its services with the maximum possible competence and with due attention.

For Summa, transparency in the relationship with its clients is a fundamental value. In this sense, Summa provides its clients with complete, clear, truthful, accurate and timely information on the services and products offered. Omitting essential data that may lead to a wrong decision is avoided.

Why Summa?

  • With more than 20 years of expertise, we are the leader in non-bank financing in Uruguay with large financial capacity.
  • The excellence in our management has been endorsed by our trajectory and by the main companies in the country.
  • We are part of Factors Chain International (FCI), the world’s largest network of factoring companies.
  • Each client has a reference officer and a large professional team that provide personalized advice.
  • We design tailor-made solutions and advise on the use of our products, quickly and agilely.
  • We know and promote a good relationship with our clients’ debtors.
  • We offer credit advice to our clients and all our processes are quick and transparent.


01Anti-money laundering policy

Summa has a Manual of Procedures for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. It establishes policies and actions that Summa's authorities and employees must comply with to minimize the risks related to the use of the institution and/or its services for money laundering and terrorist financing, in compliance with the standards and the best international practices defined for the prevention of this type of crimes.

02Contingency plans

Contingency plans refer to the continuity of operations in the event of serious losses. These plans identify critical aspects for business continuity, the location of the main internal and external risks and possible damages or failures and their magnitude. Likewise, they prescribe alternative solutions and courses of action in the event of damage or major failures, indicating those responsible for issuing instructions and determining the measures to be taken.

03Security policy

We observe strict security standards to preserve the integrity of both people and our own documents and values and those of third parties.

Reasons to choose us

A company with more than 20 years of experience, leader in non-bank financing in Uruguay.

We are part of Factors Chain International (FCI), the largest global network of factoring companies.

The excellence in our management has been endorsed by our trajectory, leadership and the main companies in the country.

You will always have a reference account officer and a large team of professionals with extensive experience in factoring.

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